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Series Foreword

Published onAug 31, 2021
Series Foreword

Leonardo/International Society for the Arts, Sciences, and Technology (ISAST)

Leonardo, the International Society for the Arts, Sciences, and Technology, and the affiliated French organization Association Leonardo, have some very simple goals:

  1. To advocate, document, and make known the work of artists, researchers, and scholars developing the new ways in which the contemporary arts interact with science, technology, and society.

  2. To create a forum and meeting places where artists, scientists, and engineers can meet, exchange ideas, and, when appropriate, collaborate.

  3. To contribute, through the interaction of the arts and sciences, to the

    creation of the new culture that will be needed to transition to a sustainable planetary society.

When the journal Leonardo was started some fifty years ago, these creative disciplines usually existed in segregated institutional and social networks, a situation dramatized at that time by the “Two Cultures” debates initiated by C. P. Snow. Today we live in a different time of cross-disciplinary ferment, collaboration, and intellectual confrontation enabled by new hybrid organizations, new funding sponsors, and the shared tools of computers and the internet. Sometimes captured in the “STEM to STEAM” movement, new forms of collaboration seem to integrate the arts, humanities, and design with science and engineering practices. Above all, new generations of artist-researchers and researcher-artists are now at work individually and collaboratively, bridging the art, science, and technology disciplines. For some of the hard problems in our society, we have no choice but to find new ways to couple the arts and sciences. Perhaps in our lifetime we will see the emergence of “new Leonardos,” hybrid creative individuals or teams that will not only develop a meaningful art for our times but also drive new agendas in science and stimulate technological innovation that addresses today’s human needs.

For more information on the activities of the Leonardo organizations and networks, please visit our websites at and The Arizona State University–Leonardo knowledge enterprise provides leadership to advance ASU’s transdisciplinary art-science research, creative practice, and international profile in the field:

—Roger F. Malina
Advising Editor, Leonardo Publications

ISAST Governing Board of Directors: Raphael Arar, Michael Bennett, Felicia Cleper-Borkovi, Nina Czegledy, Adiraj Gupta, Greg Harper, Marc Hebert (Chair), Minu Ipe, Gordon Knox, Roger Malina, Xin Wei Sha, Joel Slayton, Tami Spector, Timothy Summers, Darlene Tong

Diana Ayton-Shenker, CEO
Erica Hruby, Editorial Director Sean Cubitt, Books Editor-in-Chief
Roger Malina, Advising Editor

Advisory Board: Annick Bureaud, Steve Dietz, Machiko Kusahara, José-Carlos Mariategui, Laura U. Marks, Anna Munster, Monica Narula, Michael Punt, Sundar Sarukkai, Joel Slayton, Mitchell Whitelaw, Zhang Ga

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